The inspiration for The Well Dressed Cottage.

Do you want to save money “and” fix up your home …but want it to look very well finished?  “The Well DressedCottage” is to here guide you, showing you, designs and ideas to help you find the hidden well-dressed cottage in your home.  

About Stephen

Hi, I’m Stephen a homeowner just like you. Not the typical Joe Jock “the” contractor you may have met.

I do have a heart and care about the people I work with… I have an artsy bent and unique ideas that look great and work well. I will help you with your ideas of having the home you want and save money some money along the way. Sound good?

Rather than follow someone who has no experience and is trying to figure things out… listen to someone who has made plenty of mistakes and can steer you away from some of your own.

What other people say:

You exceeded our expectations. -K

Nice to know someone who cares and takes care of everything he finds. -c

Hi Steve, Thank you for all the ideas. I really appreciate it!! -H

It’s nice to have someone you can count on. -J

Thanks so much, Stephen! Let me know when you’re available to tackle some of our other jobs. -w

Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did on our house. -S

About Stephen Peters The Well Dressed Cottage
~ Stephen ~

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do. It is so nice to have someone you can trust work on your home. -R

Stephen’s story

It a started at 9 years old. I would tell my little sister “I’m going to build you a playhouse with a …. real sink with running water….a real stove….” then I would lay out all the little plywood boards I had collected. Dreaming about how they could be a beautiful playhouse… Ever the dreamer seeing what could be… what if? …what about this?

When my parents had work done at our home as a child I would be there watching to see how things were done. I even would get my hand dirty and help out with big jobs like holding nails and putting the nail heads facing the same direction, for the carpenter that was doing the work.

After all the years not much has changed really I’ve had a little more experience. Like being trained to be a meat man in my dad’s Meat market. Watching it climb and fail, understanding what worked and what didn’t.

My wife and I bought our first home, a 1949 “post-war” house in a nice neighborhood. It was untouched and we brought it up to date. Finished off an attic adding two bedrooms and another bathroom while working at the meat market. We made a sewing counter for my wife that she hated to leave when we sold the house. We sold the house ourselves and had a “sale” in place in a week…the neighbors were shocked at the price we were able to get…and… well so were we.

Then I helped a friend get a construction business off the ground, helping with some of the marketing and learning the trade I wanted to do since a child remember the playhouse for my sister?

Our next house was a 1927 English style house. It had been neglected and had many poorly done remodels. However, it was a gorgeous house to work with. We refinished the hardwood floors and extended them into the kitchen. It was fun working with the “1920’s” style. Finding missing moldings to match the old. A neighbor even had saved an old round window that had been replaced with an aluminum framed window, years earlier. And yes we did restore the old round window and put it back in its rightful place.

Still a dreamer I went into partnership and lead a

Homebuilding business. With the 1920’s style still fresh in my mind. We even built our own new big house…N

Now we live in a small circa 1914 farmhouse/cabin in the country.

This little farmhouse was to be just temporary home till we built a small new home. Plans changed after the 2008 real estate crash that hit us hard. But we are still here, making the most of what we have.

Why The Well Dressed Cottage Exist

We were working on a place for my wife’s mother that we called “the cottage”. Things changed and my Mother-in-law is living elsewhere. We still have “the cottage”… it is very cute. We are now going to showcase “the cottage” for ideas for you and your home as the finances permit.

The farmhouse we are in is also a little cottage that needs some help and we will show some ideas from it also… Along with other numerous projects we have, to help you along the way.

Now that you know a little about me go ahead and click through to see all the ideas you can glean from “The Well Dressed Cottage”.